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Spring is Coming: 4 HVAC Maintenance Steps

An HVAC system outdoors during the spring

As we come out of our winter hibernation, we can find ourselves with a mountain of spring cleaning and maintenance tasks to complete. It feels good to shake off the dust and freshen up, but it can be overwhelming.

Many homeowners may get distracted by overly visible steps to spring cleanings, such as window washing, gardening, and car detailing, but fail to perform basic home maintenance tasks as part of their spring preparations.

Today Black Diamond HVAC is sharing 4 easy steps to maintaining your HVAC system after it has worked so hard to keep you warm all winter and to prepare it for the switch to generating cold air for summer. Be sure to add these easy HVAC maintenance steps to your spring-cleaning plan.

Clean Up

Begin by inspecting your outside AC compressor unit, wherever it may be located. Be sure that it is free of leaves, dirt, and debris. Any obstacles or contaminants that rest on or infiltrate your AC unit can negatively impact your HVAC efficiency. Keep this in mind as you do your outdoor spring cleaning and yard maintenance as well. There should be at least two feet of clearance all around your AC unit.

Replace & Upgrade Air Filters

New air filters are especially effective, as they are designed with a special magnetic charge that attracts contaminants in your air. These new pleated filters will improve your entire HVAC system and are very affordable. Replace your air filter and stockpile a few for the future. You can also set a reminder in your calendar for every 60-90 days to change out your air filter for maximum cleanliness and efficiency.

Replace Detector Batteries

The carbon monoxide detectors in your home are an important safety feature. It’s critical that they are functioning well to support your HVAC system. By changing the batteries every six months or so you can prevent a deadly disaster from a non-functioning CO2 detector.

Free Up Lines

Let’s start with your registers. Sometimes family members close air vents around the house because they’re getting too hot with the heat during the winter. Now is a great time to check each of your air vents for blockage and closures. You should never closed more than 20% of the vents in your home to prevent undue strain on your AC unit. Then mix a cup of water with bleach and pour it into the AC condensate drain by the AC coils in your HVAC system. This will kill bacteria, mold, and algae that can cause a clog or blockage.

Even the least handy homeowner can tackle these HVAC maintenance steps with great success. If you are concerned about your HVAC system and would like a checkup or tune-up, call Black Diamond. We can ensure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently to keep you comfortable and save you money and headaches. Black Diamond wishes you a happy spring and comfortable air!

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