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Industry-Wide Pricing Changes for A/C Units

Industry-Wide Pricing Changes for A/C Units HVAC systems are essential to air quality and comfort in your home. Without a reliable HVAC system, the extreme seasons can become unbearable. When summer rolls around and temperatures rise, having a high-efficiency cooling system can make all the difference. In recent years, HVAC system prices have seen a

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Reasons Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush All The Way

One of the most common plumbing problems homeowners tend to experience is the toilet not flushing properly. Sometimes it won’t flush at all, and other times it might not flush all the way, requiring you to flush the toilet twice to completely get rid of all waste and debris. Whatever the reason, this plumbing problem

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What is a Pressure Assist Toilet? How It Works and Why Would You Need One?

You probably don’t think much about the toilets in your home. So long as they are working properly, all you need to do is clean them every now and then, and little else. But did you know there are other styles of toilets you can get that are not only more water-efficient, but also significantly

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Why Your Toilet Randomly Runs

In the world of modern plumbing, one of the most important household fixtures is a toilet. However, just like any other plumbing fixture, prolonged use can lead to wear and tear issues. One of the most common toilet-related issues is when it runs. While a running toilet can be rather annoying, the resulting water bill

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Common Water Heater Problems

As a homeowner, it helps to know a bit about some of the appliances and fixtures in your home so that you can take care of common problems when they occur. For example, you may know how to fix a running toilet or a clogged drain. But how much do you know about your water

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Different Types Of Water Heaters And How To Choose One That Works For You

When the time comes to select a new water heater for your home or business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must select one that will provide ample hot water for all your needs. These days, it is also important your new water heater be energy efficient. It is better

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

When you own a house, maintenance is required. It’s one of those simple facts of life. Over the years, appliances and systems need to be replaced, and water heaters are no exception. Water heaters are one of the most used appliances in the home, yet very few give this system much thought — that is

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Gas vs Electric Hot Water Heaters — Which One Is Best for You?

Most individuals across the nation are able to turn on their faucet and out comes hot water. They do not give the source of their hot water much thought — that is until they no longer have hot water. Ignoring your home’s water heater system may mean that you’re passing up on an opportunity to

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Tankless Water Heaters vs Tank Water Heaters

Whether you’re currently looking to replace an old water heater or equip your new home, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of all available options. While cost is one of the main variables you’ll need to consider, efficiency and longevity are just as critical — after all, these two factors will impact cost

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Utah Business Reaches Out to Hero Teachers During Pandemic

Black Diamond Experts’ community out-reach efforts were recently featured on Gephardt Daily. You can read the story at Gephardtdaily.com. Just as a reminder, we are offering free air conditioner tune-ups to teachers in our community to show our appreciation for all they do. If you are a teacher, be sure to call before May 1st to

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