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Kimberlee Adams
Kimberlee Adams 1.0

I’ve gone back and forth on what I want to write on this review, because there were some positive things about Black Diamond’s service. Our technician (Brent) was perfectly kind and he cleaned up our space nicely once the job was finished. With that ...being said, we are now 3 days later from our service with Black Diamond, and everything is just not sitting well with us as we feel extremely taken advantage of. First thing to note - they charge $299 for them to cut the hole into your ceiling to diagnose the problem. This is obviously bonkers, so my husband (in the middle of his work day) quickly changed, grabbed the tool and ladder from our garage, and cut the hole himself. Took less than 4 minutes and bam - $299 saved. It took the technician 3 minutes to diagnose the problem - our bathtub’s P-Trap was leaking due to a drain cleaner that we used. I felt a huge sense of relief as this part was only $30 at Lowe’s, so accounting for a bit of a mark up on Black Diamond’s part and the technicians time, we had to be looking at a $350 charge (I’ve since run this number past a few reliable resources and have had all agree that this visit should have been in the $300-$400 ballpark). It took the technician probably 45 minutes to complete the fix (including having to run and grab the part. I joked to my husband that he was running to Lowe’s to grab it once I mentioned how much it was there). And the total cost for the visit, including us cutting the hole OURSELVES into the ceiling, and a new P Trap? $998. We were absolutely flabbergasted and I heavily questioned the price, because whether the technician wanted to admit it or not, we were completely being taken advantage of. I would have refused the repair but know that we’d be looking at probably a $500 charge just for the visit and diagnosis. Brent ended up dropping the price to $860. Nice, yes. Still insane? 100%. I wish that before we had booked Black Diamond, we had seen a review like this, with someone being completely transparent on their absolutely predatory pricing. If you think that you have a broken P-trap, absolutely do not call this company, unless you have $1000 to throw away, which many do not. Hell I wouldn’t recommend them for any service. Like I said above, their pricing is predatory because they are well aware that when it comes to a plumbing issue, what else are you really going to do besides call a plumber and pay the asking price. As I said before, this whole visit is still not sitting well with me and I have had knots in my stomach thinking about how much we paid. Shameful, disgusting, and predatory pricing and business practices built solely on taking advantage of people in the most vulnerable positions. I do want to clarify that this review is nothing personal on the technician that helped us. However, I do not know how much he had to do with the pricing. He did mention multiple times that he aims for “five star reviews”, which makes me a little suspicious on how many of those that Black Diamond has. Simply having a nice technician isn’t enough to get those five stars, especially if they can morally look us in the eyes and ask for such an astronomical amount. If five stars is what Black Diamond truly aims for, they should use a little integrity in their pricing.Read More...

Matt Bocanegra
Matt Bocanegra 5.0

Holden was amazing!!! Great guy and very talented

Abhishek Amalaraj
Abhishek Amalaraj 5.0

I had a few people come take a look at a faucet issue I had. But Trent with Black Diamond experts checked the problem and explained about it with clarity instead of just giving me an estimate. He offered help and fixed the issue very quickly while ...explaining what had gone wrong. I highly recommend these guys!Read More...

Angela Wells
Angela Wells 5.0

Trent came out and was very knowledgeable about water heaters and loved that he explained how they work and what potential cause could be for my pilot light not staying lit. He wasn't quick to push "you need a new water heater" rather he did some good ...diagnostic work and set a progressive plan with next steps if the issues persist. I highly recommend Black Diamond and will use them again in the future!Read More...

Vicki Burtcher
Vicki Burtcher 5.0

Wonderful customer service! Would definitely recommend Jairo - he was very nice, listened to my questions, not pushy at all, didn't waste time and very willing to help.

Preston Wootton
Preston Wootton 5.0

They were incredible to work with! Straight forward and very fast. Canyon was great! He called explained the situation then gave me the options, recommendations and was very helpful! I’d recommend him and Black Diamond to anyone needing help with ...their AC unit.Read More...

Chris Jankowski
Chris Jankowski 5.0
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee 5.0

They were able to come to our house quickly and were friendly and helpful. They were able to help with our issue. Would definitely call them again.

Shelly Melton
Shelly Melton 5.0

We were having trouble with our heating and called Black Diamond. They came to our house the same day and diagnosed the problem right away and were able to fix it at a cost much less than we expected. The technicians (Tino, Brad, and Dillon) were ...absolutely fabulous and extremely professional. The customer service we received from everyone we dealt with at Black Diamond was top notch. And the technicians were very knowledgeable as well. What a bonus! We will use Black Diamond for all our HVAC needs. If I could give them 10*, I would! Thank you!Read More...

Meredith Riley
Meredith Riley 5.0
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