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4 Ways To Increase Humidity in Your Home

A humidifier adding humidity to the air

During these winter months we tend to run our heat nonstop. While our heating system can keep us warm and comfortable in the winter, it has one unintended drawback of drying out our homes. Heated air leaves our home dry and lacking moisture when we may need it most. Along with the snow and freezing temperatures, winter brings sicknesses and respiratory issues that could benefit from greater humidity.

Do you experience dry skin, chapped lips, itchy scalp, or frequent colds? Increasing the humidity in your home can remedy these issues and make the winter a little more bearable.

Black Diamond understands the importance of your home’s air quality and humidity, and we have 4 easy ways to help you increase the humidity in your home despite the drying heat from your home’s furnace unit.

1. Large Humidifiers

Of course, humidifiers are the natural first step for adding moisture back to the air. We’ve found that many people use very small tabletop humidifiers just in their bedrooms and only when they’re sick. Instead, consider investing in a larger humidifier, and perhaps getting more than one to position in many areas around your home. Make sure you regularly clean the humidifiers with vinegar to remove hard water or mold and replace the filters.

2. Share the Steam

Leaving your bathroom door open while you shower (if you can) will help moisture get into your air. You can also leave pots of water near your heat vents or fireplaces if you don’t have children at home. Getting water all around your home to evaporate into the air will increase the humidity without much effort or expense.

3. Houseplants

There are many proven benefits to air quality when you keep house plants in your living space. They can decrease allergens and remove toxins, and they’re beautiful to boot. But did you know they can also increase the humidity in the air? Visit your local nurseries and ask about affordable houseplants that can improve your air quality. Place them around your home and enjoy the benefits.

4. In-Line Humidifier

if you’re ready to upgrade your home’s HVAC system, you can consider a whole-home humidifier that can increase the moisture in your air in every single room. These humidifiers add moisture to the air before it begins to circulate so that even the driest, stale areas of your home can feel more soft and humid.

You’ll see your health and comfort in the home increase across the board. If you are concerned about your HVAC unit or the quality of the air in your home, Black Diamond can help solve any problems you may experience.

You don’t have to be dry, itchy, and uncomfortable all winter in the name of indoor heating. Increasing the humidity in your home is a simple task that can bring you greater health and comfort.

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