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Hydro-Jetting: When Regular Drain Cleaning Won’t Get the Job Done

A hydro jet cleaning diagram

Hydro-jetting is an extremely effective form of drain cleaning that professional plumbers save for those occasions that require us to pull out the big guns – water guns, that is!

This advanced method of drain cleaning can be effective for even the most challenging drain clogs and sewer line blockages. It provides a cost-effective alternative to other methods because jetting does more than simply punch a hole through stubborn, sludgy clogs.

In fact, having hydro-jetting service can help you avoid additional drain clogs in the future.

hydro-jetting drain cleaning

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

This powerful method of drain cleaning shoots highly pressurized water into a clogged drain line. The force of the water – up to 4,000 psi in some cases – shoots through the most stubborn of clogs, pushing the debris down the line and into the sewer system.

For the most stubborn clogs, hot water is used for hydro-jetting. Unfortunately, most plumbers and “rooter” contractors don’t have this advanced technology because, for grease-based clogs, cold water jetting may not get the job done.

How Does Hydro-Jetting Differ from Other Types of Drain Cleaning?

When you think about a plumber coming to clear a drain clog at your home, you likely picture them using a “drain snake” or another type of mechanical device. This type of drain cleaning, sometimes called augering or rodding, is effective for many types of obstructions.

In some cases, however, the auger method simply won’t cut it. And that’s when we break out the hydro-jet equipment.

Even more important, snaking a drain does nothing more than poke a hole in the clog. This will allow your sink to drain but it won’t clear away any buildup inside the pipe. Hydro-jetting – especially hot jetting – literally scours the debris from the pipe walls.

Do You Need Hydro-Jetting at Your Utah Home?

If you have a drain or pipe clog in your home, it’s never a good idea to use chemical drain cleaners. The chemicals cause a heat reaction in the pipes which can damage your plumbing fixtures and dissolve the chemical adhesive used to construct plumbing systems. Worse, if your pipes are older, the chemical reaction can cause substantial damage.

So, if you have a stubborn blockage you can clear with hot water and a plunger, you need a professional plumber to tackle the problem. Typically, a plumber will first try the auger method. If that doesn’t work, they may recommend hydro-jet service. But, again, many plumbers don’t have this technology available to them.

When you call on the Black Diamond Experts for help, we will explain your options and the benefits of each, We often recommend jetting because, although this service costs a little more, it will clear the sludge from the line. This will help prevent a recurrence – and the cost of another service call.

In northern Utah, we serve customers in Salt Lake City, Orem and Ogden and the surrounding areas. We offer a full range of residential plumbing contractor services, including new construction, renovation, repairs and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using hydro-jetting for all your drain cleaning needs.

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