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In Your Master Bath: Shower System, Bathtub or Both?

A large bathroom with a vanity, shower and tub

If you’re considering an update for your master bath shower or bathtub, you may be considering whether you need to keep the tub at all.

Over the past few years, homeowners have begun to eschew master tubs in favor of expansive showers. However, some diehard homeowners really like having a tub. As you plan your en-suite bath update, which option should you choose?

The correct answer depends on a few key questions, the answers to which might help you make up your mind.


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What Do Home Buyers Want in a Master Bath?

If you plan to sell your house any time in the next decade or so, this question is relevant to your decisions. In fact, give this question some thought even if you don’t have any plans to sell, because you never know where the future might lead.

In a study performed by Jacuzzi, 38 percent of respondents (half of which were men) said they used the tub on average of once per week. Most home buyers do want a house that has a bathtub, particularly families who have young children or pets to bathe.

However, most potential buyers don’t care where in the house the tub is located. So, if you have a bathtub somewhere else in the house, it’s probably okay to nix the master tub.

What Do You Want in Your Master Bath?

As important as the future value of your home may be, you’ll be doing your master bathroom update for yourself and your family. Consequently, what you want in your en-suite bath definitely matters.

If you enjoy long soaks in a big, deep bathtub, by all means keep your tub and update it with some new fixtures. Just make sure aren’t more enamored of the idea of enjoying relaxing baths than actually taking them!

The master shower, on the other hand, gets used every day – probably by at least two members of your household.

And, if it’s relaxation you want, you can achieve many of the same goals by updating your shower with a new handheld spray or whole-body shower system.

Consider a Shower System for Your Master Bath

Today’s most popular trend in master baths is the shower system.

Shower systems can be as elaborate as you’d like them to be, even to the extent of creating your own steam room or sauna. If you have the space, you could even add a bench or seat in your master shower – the perfect alternative to a soaking tub for relaxing. You can take your pick of rain or overhead showers, body sprays and handheld attachments.

You’ll be amazed and delighted at what a difference installing a new shower or tub – or even just updating your existing one – can make in your master bath.

Call on the plumbing installation team at Black Diamond Experts to help you plan your plumbing installation. We can help you select the perfect shower heads, faucets and trim kits to fit your style and your budget. We can even help you choose the faucets and fixtures that will help you cut down your water usage and your monthly water bills. Trust the Black Diamond team for all your master bath shower and bathtub needs.

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