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Causes of Sewage Damage

A Black Diamond technician reaching into a sewer pipe

Sewer and drain damage can be tough to handle. When you see water or sewage coming up the drain, it can induce panic and cause a huge mess. If you’re noticing some backup in any of your drains, it could be due to one of the following common culprits: clogs, tree roots, or sewer line damage.


It’s no surprise that clogs are a problem with sewage. Be wary of flushing anything substantial—even too much toilet paper at one time. Your toilet shouldn’t be used as a trash can. Drains cannot swallow garbage, toys, facial tissues, napkins, diapers, or other waste. Avoid dumping large quantities of anything down your drains, as sewer lines can become clogged, causing backups into your home.

You should also avoid pouring grease down the drain. Oils and fats may be liquid in form when poured down the drain, but they can quickly solidify and cause a clog. A greasy clog can require professional tools to get the drain cleared.

Even if you are careful with your drains, they can still become clogged by a build-up of dirt, debris, and hair. These things can accumulate and build into an obstruction, preventing your drains from flowing properly.

When a drain is clogged, a toilet, sink, and tub will start to show symptoms like water or sewage backing up. If the clog is in the sewer line, potentially anything more that you put down the drain will add to the sewage backup in your home. Overflowing wastewater can back up through toilets, pipes, tubs and is often first noticed in lower rooms of the house–such as the basement.

When a clog is ignored, it will worsen.  Simple drain solutions may temporarily solve the problem, but over time the buildup is likely to return. Eventually, the time will come that you’ll need a professional to remove the clog—that’s were Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air comes in. We can have the professional tools and knowledgeable plumbers to get your drains and sewer lines running smoothly again in no time.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another common culprit of sewage problems. Tree roots can grow through pipes, causing holes and blockages. Tree roots can even wrap around pipes and crush them. When sewer pipes crack and break, they can cause structural defects in your foundation. Even if you don’t have any trees on your property, roots from a neighboring yard can still damage your sewage lines and lead to problems. Tree root damage often goes unseen until sewage starts backing into the home and the homeowner investigates.

Broken or Collapsed Sewers

Sewers can be backed up by broken, collapsed, or cracked pipes. It is especially common in older homes. Nowadays, plastic sewer lines are much more common. However, some older homes still have cast iron and clay piping—making them more vulnerable to breaks, cracks, and other issues. Pipes that have been mangled or misaligned may need to be reconstructed or replaced.

No matter your plumbing needs, Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air can help! Our experienced team can help with any sewage problems. Whether you’ve got a clogged drain or a damaged pipe—we’ve got it covered!

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