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6 Silent Signs Your House Has Plumbing Problems

A person reaching out to put hand under running faucet

Your house may have plumbing problems going on without your knowledge. Many of these issues can quickly become a bigger problem if they are not caught early on. Keep an eye on your plumbing and look for these silent warning signs of plumbing problems.

1. Sewage Odor

Every drain in your house should have a trap, and every trap should have a vent. Drain traps act as a barrier to stop sewage odors from coming through drains into your home. Many vent systems are designed to channel the sewage odor up to the roof of a house. The smell of sewage in your home could mean there is a problem with a drain trap or a clogged or cracked sewer vent.

2. Higher Water Bills

Have you noticed a spike in your water bills recently? It may be an indication of an issue with your plumbing. If you have a leaking or damaged pipe, you may be unknowingly increasing your water usage. Likewise, a running toilet is similar to a faucet that is always on—it can significantly increase your water usage and your water bill.

3. Bubbles in Paint or Paint Peeling

If there are bubbles under the paint on your wall or ceiling, or paint is peeling—it may be a sign of excess moisture. This may be caused by a leak in the plumbing system or the roof.

4. Slow Drainage 

This is a pretty obvious one—if your drains aren’t draining or are draining slowly, you have a plumbing problem. It may be as simple as a clog, or it may be a more significant issue. Either way, the experts at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air can pinpoint the problem and have things running smoothly in no time.

5. Low Water Pressure

A slow or weak water stream may be an indication that there is an issue. You may notice low water pressure throughout the house or in a single location. If you see it in just one area, it may be an issue with the faucet aerator. However, if it is noticeable in multiple locations, it may indicate a bigger problem with the water main or even the supply line.

6. Discolored Pipes

If you are noticing any of the previously mentioned issues, take a peek at the pipes. Are there any signs of discoloration? Pipes will rust and become discolored when there is excess moisture. This could be an indication of a leak. You may also see dripping—which would be a clear sign of a problem.

No matter the plumbing issue that you’re facing—the team at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air can help. Our trained and experienced team of plumbers and technicians can solve any plumbing problems. Call us anytime 24/7 with a plumbing emergency, and we’ll work to have your pipes running smoothly again in no time at all!

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