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Why Tune-Up Your Air Conditioner & Furnace?

HVAC Tune-Up / Maintenance

Yearly HVAC Maintenance is Like an Oil Change For Your Car

    • Ensures peak efficiency of your heating & cooling system
    • Saves energy costs by ensuring top efficiency
    • Decreases risk of breakdowns & system failure
    • Extends the lifespan through regular HVAC system maintenance
    • Helps maintain the manufacturer’s warranty
    • Opportunity to change your air filter to ensure proper air flow



Do I Need Both My AC & Furnace Tuned-up?

Your AC & furnace share some components and both blow conditioned air throughout your home, but each has its own critical components that should be checked and maintained to ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability for the season.

Tune-ups help catch small problems before they turn into expensive repairs. Plus manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance.



Furnace Safety & Carbon Monoxide Danger 

Did you know your furnace creates carbon monoxide as a normal byproduct of its operation?
Your furnace is designed to safely contain and vent the carbon monoxide to the outside. However, as furnaces age, cracks and leaks can occur.

A furnace tune-up helps to catch any safety problem like cracks in the heat exchanger that could release carbon monoxide into your home.


An Affordable Measure of Preventative Maintenance

Black Diamond Experts’ furnace and air conditioner tune-ups are an exceptional value! They also include a standard air filter change.

HVAC companies can become very busy with repairs during the peak of the season so it is best to schedule your tune-ups prior to the peak of summer or dead of winter, and prior to the start of the season they are needed.

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