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Interlock Generators

Considering a low cost way to connect a portable generator to your electrical panel in case your power goes out? An interlock generator kit may be your solution. An interlock generator system is the most economical & safe method of sending power from a portable generator throughout your home. An interlock generator kit allows you to safely switch between electricity from the power grid and electricity from your portable generator.

An interlock generator kit involves installing a dedicated circuit breaker near your main power switch within your electrical panel. This may involve repositioning a few breakers to fit the new circuit breaker. The interlock switch plate is installed over the main power breaker and the new generator inlet circuit breaker so that only one can be in the on position at a time. This prevents your generator from sending electricity back to the power grid which could harm line workers. An electric power inlet box will also be installed outside of your home where you can connect your generator.

A benefit of an interlock generator kit is that it allows you to selectively choose which breakers you want on. Portable power generators come in different sizes and may not be enough to power your whole home. If you have a smaller portable power generator you’ll want to turn off all of your breakers and selectively turn on the breakers as you need them. Installing an interlock generator kit is a really efficient process for providing back up power for your home, but requires the skill and knowledge of a trained electrician.

If you are interested in getting a free quote for an interlock generator kit give the expert electricians at Black Diamond Experts a call today!

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