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Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

Electrical issues are often very complex. There are many factors that can cause electrical failures throughout a home. Our Utah electricians are troubleshooting experts and will investigate the situation thoroughly to locate your electrical problem.

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Electric Panels | Wiring | Residential Remodels | Ceiling Fans | Smoke Alarm Systems | CO Detectors | Outlets

Each of our electrical technicians has been trained to find electrical issues and educate you about what solutions are available. Let our expert electricians at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air troubleshoot and resolve your electrical issues.

A black Diamond technician serving a local home

Expert Electrical Repairs and Upgrades in Salt Lake City, Utah

“Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air came to answer a few questions to electrical problems I’d been having. The greater issue was dimming/flickering lights when too many appliances and devices were on. There was also a switch to some outdoor lights which was permanently stuck to “on”. They troubleshooted the issues and determined that some of the wires had fused together. They also tested the power coming into the house and determined that the power company needed to fix the overall problem, which they did promptly thanks to the electrician’s detailed assessment. Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I ended up paying a lot less than I thought it would!”

– Nathan, Salt Lake City

Electrical Panels

Your home’s electric panel is a vital piece of equipment that runs power through the whole house. Everything that runs on electricity is powered from your electrical panel. It is the heart and brains of your electrical system. Because it has so many pieces and is so crucial to the electrical system, a defective panel is a major at-home risk.

Electric Panel Replacement

Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air specializes in electric panel replacement. We keep a full inventory of all brands and parts necessary to handle most panel changes within a day. Our Utah electricians are very experienced when it comes to replacing an electrical panel. They are meticulous and efficient. To learn more about home electric panels, see our Utah Electric Panel Replacement Page.

Electric Panel Problems

Your electrical panel is constantly working hard. It controls and directs all of the high voltage electricity in your house. Your electrical panel works day and night, 24/7, weekends and holidays. This constant usage take its toll, which could lead to very serious and imminent danger if not being attended to periodically.

Panels wear down over time and, with age, comes risk of serious hazards. Corrosion, excess heat and improper modifications are some of the more common issues associated with panels. However, there are many electrical issues that happen no where near the panel which can very easily damage it.

Some panels are no longer accepted by the NEC standards because they fail so consistently. To see if your panel is outdated and learn more about outdated panels, check out our blog posts on Outdated and Unsafe Panels .

Working with an electric panel is advanced electrical work and should only be done by an experienced, insured and licensed Utah electrician.

Electric Panel Inspections

If you suspect that your panel may need attention but not a replacement, ask about our special Panel Refresh and Inspection. This service includes a licensed electrician performing a detailed inspection and longevity maintenance on your panel. Some panels just need some basic maintenance to continue operating safely. Our expert Utah electricians can give your panel the TLC it needs to keep your home safe.

A person opening a circuit breaker box

Residential Rewires

Nearly half (47%) of all residential electrical fires involving equipment are actually caused by the building’s wiring. Faulty wiring in your home or business is like a ticking time bomb. Our electrical wiring professionals can clean up poor wiring throughout your building to make it safer and more efficient. Many older buildings contain wiring that is outdated and dangerous. Don’t put your home at risk with poor wiring. Call the experts today.

Utah Wiring Contractor

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Electric Code generally specify that aluminum wires should be completely replaced by a licensed wiring contractor. This can be a major project for most homeowners. Hiring the best contractor to do the job could be the difference of hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. Expertise in home layouts, troubleshooting and wiring are critical. Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air has performed many different wiring jobs of varying sizes and complexity. We have dealt with everything from various highly specific McDonald’s restaurants to single family home rewire jobs. Only use the best wiring contractor, give us a call today for a free estimate on a whole house rewire.

When rewiring your home, or even just a few rooms, it presents the opportunity to add additional electrical outlets and lighting fixtures, which is especially convenient with older homes. Because older homes do not have enough outlets to withstand the number of electrical appliances an average household uses, many owners of older homes take advantage of this opportunity by hiring a Wiring Contractor to increase the number of electrical outlets without using extension cords or overloading the outlets. The experienced electricians at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air will upgrade your old aluminum or braided wires, according to NEC codes and will ensure that it all functions efficiently.

Aluminum Wiring Fire Hazard

Aluminum Wires

The main culprit is oxidization that occurs at these connection points. This, and other factors cause overheating at the splice or connection area. This excess heat is more than enough to start a fire if anything flammable is nearby. Oftentimes, insulation or other construction material is ignited by this excess heat. What’s even worse, is that this overheating will not trip your breakers as breaker trips are caused by current or electricity, not heat. Which means that you may have very little warning until it is too late. The longer the deterioration is left alone, the more dangerous it becomes.

Identifying Aluminum Wiring

Identifying wires.

The best way to know if your house has aluminum wiring is to hire an expert Utah electrician. You can check the cables running through your attic or basement to see if any visible sections of wire are labeled “AL” for aluminum. Portions of wire that are less accessible require a knowledgeable electrician. If your home was built during the 60’s or 70’s, it’s more likely that your house has aluminum wiring. Remember also that even new homes may have had additional work performed using aluminum wring. Be sure to to familiarize yourself with any remodels or retrofits that may have used aluminum wiring.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube, also known as K&T, is an outdated wiring system that uses small pieces, called knobs, to hold the wires in place. This style of wiring is no longer accepted as per NEC guidelines because it poses a severe fire hazard. To learn more about K&T, give us a call today.

Smoke Alarms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Smoke Alarm Systems

Carbon monoxide detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute necessity for the safety of your home. Current building codes require at least one smoke detector in each room and CO detectors on every floor of the building. The National Fire Protection Association says that nearly two-thirds of all home fire deaths came from fires in houses and buildings without a proper smoke alarm system. A properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system will significantly improve your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.

Types of Smoke Alarms

Smoke detector

While there are several brands of smoke detectors, they all essentially fall into one of two types: ionization or photoelectric.

Each of these types has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. There is no definitive better choice between the two, because of this the USFA recommends residence and place where people will be sleeping have either:

A combination of ionization and photoelectric types throughout the home, or preferably
Use dual-sensor smoke alarms which utilize both types.

Interlinked Smoke Alarm Systems

The most effective form of protection is to utilize an interconnected smoke alarm system that communicates throughout the house. A properly installed system will communicate to all of the smoke detectors in the whole house. If one alarm goes off, it will trigger the other alarms to sound as well. That means that if there is a fire in your basement, you will still hear the alarm in your 3rd floor bedroom and be able to safely escape.

Other USFA Smoke Alarm Recommendations:

  • Install smoke alarms inside and outside of sleeping areas
  • Smoke and environmental alarms be installed at the proper height
  • Use hardwired alarms that are also equipped with 10 year lithium batteries
  • Install interlinked smoke alarm system throughout the home
  • Install CO2/smoke detector combo kits

Smoke Alarm Installation

Combination smoke alarm

Our licensed electricians can install CO2/Smoke combo kits in a customized, fully integrated system throughout your home. Our knowledgeable expert electricians can improve and maintain your current system or help you plan a newer, safer solution. We are fully equipped to access any extremely high or hard to reach alarms. Our cutting-edge ladder systems allow our electricians to reach even the highest alarms in vaulted ceilings and open areas.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a great feature to keep your house cooler without having to run your AC as hard. Many ceiling fan fixtures include lights, different speeds and control functions. We can install ceiling fan fixtures fully equipped with light and speed settings, as well as timer and even remote control functions.

Residential Remodels

Your home is likely one of your largest investments. Remodel projects can add equity and value to your home, but if the project is not properly done, it can end up costing you lots of money and make the experience very inconvenient. With Black Diamond Experts, our technicians will work around your schedule, create a plan of action to go over with you before hand, and allow you to be as involved as you want to be. With flat rate upfront pricing, you don’t need to worry about your electrician running up your bill on trips to the parts store or other project delays. Call us today and we will help you save money on your remodel project.

For residential remodels we can provide:

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Line Item Breakdown
  • Project Timelines
  • Warranty on All Labor
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured Utah Electricians
Utah Electrical Residential Remodel

We had a very positive experience with Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our remodel project included a renovation of our living room, dining room with some work in the kitchen. Old lighting fixtures were removed, recessed lighting was added in both rooms with dimmer switches. Outlets were added and moved to more convenient places. A chandelier was also installed in the dining room. This is an old brick home with plaster walls and ceilings which could have presented problems for installation. However, the work was well done with an excellent outcome. I would recommend Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air to anyone needing good electrical work.”

– Fred, Park City


Many electrical problems affect your electrical outlets. Our electrical technicians can assess any damage to your outlets, find out what caused the problem and update or replace outdated and damaged outlets. We can also install outlets that help make your home more efficient and convenient.

Types of Outlets

We carry all major brands and styles of contemporary outlets in every available color. We also carry several specialty outlets that provide additional features for safety and convenience.

A USB and Type A combo outlet

USB Outlets

These new outlets offer a revolutionary new way to easily charge several USB devices directly from your outlet. No more having to keep track of many different chargers and repurchasing old chargers. Now you can simply plug your USB charged device directly into the wall or even on the desk at your workstation.

A baby trying to insert his fingers into an outlet

Tamper Resistant (TR) Outlets

Tamper resistant outlets are designed for extra safety, particularly for homes with small children. They come equipped with a small plastic piece inside the outlet that helps prevent things other than properly sized plug ends from touching the current. This helps protect people, especially small children from severe electrocution as it keeps dangerous things such as forks, clips and toys away from the electrical current. TR outlets offer an extra layer of defense and are now a mandatory part of new buildings according to the National Electric Code (NEC)

A GFI outlet

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

GFCI outlets are essential in the protection of your home especially in areas where water could come into contact with your outlet. GFCI outlets monitor the power coming in and out of a circuit. If an outlet senses any unsafe changes in the power, the device trips which temporarily stops power running to that outlet.

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