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Electric Car Equipment Installation

We have worked with many automobile dealers throughout Salt Lake and Utah County to assist new electric vehicle owners with their charging setup needs. You will need to have a 220 volt electrical outlet (similar to the kind used for your electric clothes dryer) installed for a “level 2” charging station.

A home electric vehicle charging station in a Black Diamond community home

If you’ve just purchased an electric vehicle and are ready to setup your home electric car charging station, call the electric vehicle service equipment (or EVSE) experts at Black Diamond today! Our electricians will make sure your charging station is installed safely and up to code.

The time that it takes to charge your electric vehicle will depend on the power and voltage you are using.

  • Level 1 chargers use a standard 110 volt power outlet and can take 18 or more hours to fully charge your vehicle.
  • Level 2 chargers use a 220 volt outlet and can charge your electric vehicle at a rate of 10 – 20 miles of range per hour.
  • DC Fast Charge stations can fully charge your electric vehicle in about 30 minutes.

Most electric vehicle owners use a level 1 charger as a backup, but you will want to have a level 2 charger installed at home. Level 2 chargers provide the best return on charge time vs cost investment. DC Fast chargers are found more in commercial settings.

What can you expect when having a charging station installed?

Installing an electric charging station for your vehicle can usually be done within one day. How your home is wired and the planned location of the ESVE charger all have bearing on how long the installation will actually take. We provide up-front pricing so your electrician will be able to give you a price and time frame for the installation once they assess what is needed for the installation.

First, your Black Diamond electrician will examine how your electrical panel is wired and determine if it can safely support a 220 volt breaker. If needed, the electrician will install a new 220 volt breaker for the charger. Next, your electrician will run the electrical wire from the new breaker to where the car charger will be located. Either a 220 volt outlet will be installed at the charger location so that you can plug in your charger or the charger will be hard wired depending on what is needed. Finally, your electrician will make sure that everything is connected and working properly and safely. The process is fairly straightforward, but this is a job best left to the experts, as handling electricity is extremely dangerous.

For all things electrical, think Black Diamond Experts. Our electricians are the best in Utah. Really, we won the Best of State Utah award for electricians. Give the experts a call today! We’d be happy to get your electric car charging station installed so you can travel the distance without worrying about your battery level.

Be sure to check for state incentives to make the most of your switch to an electric vehicle.

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