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Things That Can Clog Your Garbage Disposal

Food scraps going down a garbage disposal

garbage disposal is a very useful kitchen tool to have, but when you put the wrong things down the sink it can wreak havoc. You can keep your disposal clear, your pipes clean, and everything running smoothly when you avoid placing any of these problematic things down the drain.

  • Bones—large bones are not easily broken and can jam your garbage disposal. If bones do make it down the disposal, they can get stuck in your pipes and cause a blockage there. Even if they don’t create an immediate problem, bones can combine with other food debris and create a blockage.
  • Egg Shells—though they may seem easy to grind up, eggshell membrane lining can easily get stuck on the sides of the disposal and combine with other food items creating a clog. Save your disposal the trouble and throw your eggshells in the trash.
  • Coffee Grounds—though coffee grounds seem like they’d be easy for your garbage disposal to swallow, when mixed with liquid they become sludgy and sedimentary. This leads to a clogged sink with the aroma of old coffee.
  • Celery—because of the stringy nature of celery, it can easily get wrapped around the disposal impellers and cause the garbage disposal to jam. Other stringy vegetables like corn husks, asparagus, and rhubarb are also dangerous to your garbage disposal.
  • Fruit Pits—peach pits, avocado pits, cherry pits, and other fruit pits are far too solid to put in your garbage disposal. They will have trouble going down the drain and can even dent, fracture, or break your garbage disposal.
  • Oil and Grease—oil and grease may seem like they’d easily pour down the drain, but these liquids can solidify and wreak havoc on your disposal and pipes creating a sludgy semi-solid blockage. Save your piping the trouble and dispose of your grease and oil elsewhere.
  • Pasta and Rice—because pasta and rice expand when they are combined with liquid, they can be dangerous for your sink and disposal. When broken down, these foods become pasty gunk that can create a blockage both in your garbage disposal and in your kitchen plumbing.
  • Potato Peels—starchy potato peels can easily get caught on the walls or impellers of the garbage disposal blocking food from exiting into the drain. Starchy peelings can also turn into a thick paste that will result in a clogged sink or jammed garbage disposal.
  • Harsh Chemicals—if you’re trying to clear away clogged garbage disposal, don’t risk it with harsh chemicals. Many drain cleaners on the market are not safe to use in garbage disposal and can cause damage to your pipes. Call the experts at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air to clear away any disposal problems.
  • Non-Food Items—garbage disposals are made for food. Do not put anything in the garbage disposal drain that isn’t food or biodegradable. Even small amounts of paper, plastic, wood, metal, or glass can cause serious damage to your disposal and cost you in the long run.

If your garbage disposal has stopped working or your sink is cloggedcontact the plumbers at Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Leaving disposal clogged can be a messy and often smelly inconvenience. Reach out to us today and we’ll have your disposal going strong in no time!

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