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Surprising Things that Will Drain Your Electricity

The outdoor lighting system of a local home

There are those appliances that we know are just sucking away at our energy such as the fridge and the air conditioner, but there are others that you may not expect. These small energy guzzlers all together will begin to add up, increasing your bill much higher than it needs to be. Rather than just dealing with this, take care of the problem with a few small but significant changes. It won’t make much of a difference to your daily routine, but it will greatly help once your electric bill arrives.

Switch the light bulbs

You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy all new light bulbs today, but as they go out around your home, consider switching to CFL bulbs. This small change will have a great impact on the electric bill. Although the initial cost of these might be greater, the cost over time when taking into account the hit on the electric bill will be much smaller.

Outdoor lighting

 outdoor lighitng

For security and convenience purposes it is crucial to have outdoor lighting for the night. Even though this is necessary, it can still be hard to watch the bill increase. Rather than investing in a light that will remain on all throughout the night, get security motion lights that will only turn on when movement is detected. This will keep your home safe, and make it easier for you when going outside, but save energy when there is no need.

Energy Star

 energy star

The Energy Star was put into place by the EPA to determine which appliances would be less harmful to the environment, and save you money as well. Whenever buying a new product, look first for those that have been given the Energy Star label. These are used to determine which products abide by energy-efficient guidelines.

Turn it off


TV with surround sound speakers.

TV with surround sound speakers.

Everybody is guilty of leaving the TV on at some point or another, or forgetting to turn off the computer and technology devices once finished. These simple tasks can cost you around $100 every year in the electric bill. Invest in smart power strips which will turn off when they haven’t been used for a while, or make a conscious effort to unplug the devices that aren’t in use.

At Black Diamond, we know how important it is to be energy efficient. Call us to find out how we can help you save money on your electric bill through the best appliances and techniques. By taking small steps, you will make a huge difference in your bills.

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