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Shedding Light on Your Electricity Bill

A mess of wires in a surge protector

Depending on the season, your electricity bill can really start to add up. Rather than sitting idly by and watching it happen, take a better look at your bill. There are simple things that you can change to make a huge difference. Do this sooner rather than later.


New devices


plugAlthough buying new appliances can be initially expensive, it has many long term benefits. The money you will save on your electric bill will be well worth it over time. Your old appliances are sucking away more money than you realize.


When investing in new appliances, it isn’t only important that you get ones that are energy efficient, but those that will fit in with your home as well. Buying an appliance that is either too big or too small for your home can be disastrous to your bill. Instead be sure to find what exactly you need.


Turn it off

 You would be surprised just how much of your electric bill is dedicated to appliances that aren’t even in use. Just being plugged in yet on standby will cause your bill to skyrocket.

If you have a hard time remembering to unplug or completely turn things off when they aren’t in use, consider investing in smart power strips that will turn themselves off after a certain period of time not used. Try this out for a month and see how far your power bill drops.


The simple

 Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. Many of these changes will actually make things easier on you, and save money in the long run. Some of the best options are:


  • stovePainting your rooms, especially those you use most often, a lighter color. This will reflect light better, making it unnecessary to turn on the light switch every time you are in there.
  • If you have an electric stove, make sure to use the right sized pot every time. The energy it takes to heat an overlarge pot is more than it is worth.
  • When using the dishwasher and washing machine, make sure they are as full as you can make them.
  • Although it can be difficult, avoid using the air conditioner whenever possible. Set it to a manageable temperature, and then use fans, open windows at night, and anything else to cool it down even farther. During the day keep the windows and blinds closed to prevent the room from heating up.


Even these simple changes will reduce your electric bill. Instead of living with the problem, get it fixed.


Take a closer look at your electric bill. It might surprise you how much you can lower it with a few simple steps. If you are looking to repair or remodel the electricity in your home, give us a call. At Black Diamond Electric, we will be able to mend the problem, and give you expert advice on making your system as energy efficient as possible.

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