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How To Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

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It’s that time of year again—summer! Keeping your house cool and comfortable during the heat of the summer can get costly. Running the AC all day will run up your energy bill but turning it off leaves you hot and uncomfortable. Today, we’re sharing a few tips to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

1. Utilize Fans

Though fans don’t actually change the temperature of a room, they add what is known as the chill effect. Fans will circulate air throughout your home and keep it from feeling stuffy. Whether you’re using a ceiling fan, a handheld fan, or another circulating fan, it will help your home feel more comfortable. To best utilize your ceiling fan, rotate the blades to run counter-clockwise during the summer—this will blow the air straight down and effectively cause the room to feel cooler. During the winter months, run your fan in a clockwise direction for circulation without the feeling of chilly air.

2. Avoid Heat Buildup

During a hot summer’s day, heat can easily buildup in your home. There are many activities within the home that can generate heat—such as cooking on the stove top, using a hair dryer, or running a clothes dryer or dishwasher. Where possible, reduce the use of your stove and other appliances that release heat into your home. Scheduling these chores after dark when temperatures are lower will help you reduce heat in your home.

3. Run Your AC Economically

Using a programmable thermostat is an easy way to use your AC more economically. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are at home. If you’re gone all day, there is no need to pay to cool an empty house. Likewise, turning down your AC at night can save you some money. When it’s cooler outside, give your AC a break and open a window to take advantage of the free cold air.

4. Close Curtains, Blinds, and Shades

Your window treatments can also help you to keep the heat out. You’ll see significant savings if you prevent solar heat from entering your house. Keep your curtains drawn, close your blinds, and shut your shades to save big. If you can deflect the sun’s rays, you’ll be surprised how much cooler your house can be. Insulated curtains and shades can also be very effective.

5. Maintain Your AC

Proper care and maintenance of your HVAC system will ensure its longevity. Replacing your air filter regularly can increase your AC’s efficiency and lower its energy consumption. You can also ensure efficiency by clearing any debris from your HVAC systems evaporator and condenser coils—which should be located outside. Fallen leaves, branches, grass, and other foliage can block this airway. It is also good practice to have your HVAC checked by a professional before summer hits. Don’t get caught in the hottest time of the year without a fully functioning AC. To be sure that your HVAC is running at its fullest capacity, contact Black Diamond Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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