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Hot Tubs and Electricity

A local couple enjoying their hottub

Hot tubs represent to pinnacle of luxury. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in warm, jetted hot tubs. However, the dreams of enjoying a hot tub near your home can present some difficult, and potentially dangerous problems.

Here’s a list of 3 (make it 4) common issues that can turn your bubbly paradise into a nightmare:

Hot tub electric

Don’t Get Burned

hot tub electric1) Faulty Wiring – Each hot tub manufacturer has their own specifications when it comes the electrical portion of the tub. This can lead to miscues during installation resulting in problems. But another, less-known problem relates to the wiring leading to and around the hot tub. Electrical wiring issues that are seemingly unrelated to the hot tub can cause power failure.

hot tub electric2) Limited Access & Code Violations – The actual placement of your hot tub can make or break the installation. Running power out to the hot tub will generally include trenching and professional installation of junction boxes. The further away and/or more difficult this process is, the more money it will end up costing you. National Electric Code has safety requirements that, if not followed can present severe risk of fire, shock and death.


3) Needs More Power – While there are smaller units that can run off 120 v power, most contemporary hot tub electric needs require higher amounts of power. Even smaller hot tubs draw a great deal of power and can cause problems if they are not running on the proper circuit.


4) When it works, it’s just too hard to get out – Nothing tops the relaxing feeling of lounging in your own hot tub.  Make sure you’re safe when you install your hot tub and stay hydrated when using it.

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